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tv   Senator Durbin on FBI Director Firing  CSPAN  May 11, 2017 9:46am-10:01am EDT

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of neither political party, but much rather that the good of our dear country. these are tough and serious times, mr. president. we can assure from responsibility i hope everyone in this chamber will rise to the occasion. the prator from illinois. >> a to b. consented good >> without objection. >> this is taken of our -- sergey lavrov.he the meeting was closed to the american press. the photos released by the kremlin in moscow. second photo is of mr. trump and the russian ambassador to the united states. his name is sir kiss playoff -- this picture was also released
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by moscow by the kremlin. ambassador kislyak is now familiar to me because michael flynn resigned because ofri only ambassador kislyak they try to keep secret and misrepresent not th only to the american people that the vice president of the united states. the warm smiles and hearty handshakes president trump gave these russian officials stands in stark contrast to the way the white house is treated the american department of justice officials. preet bharara. he asked some anti-sadness u.s. indi district of new york and indicated mr. comey could stand director of the fbi. it appears that each of these three justice departmentar officials were in charge of
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domestic investigations started to become a concern president translate us. we heard on monday from sally yates how she informed the white house office on january 26 of this year that michael flynn, the national security advisor to the president of the united states was compromised and blackmailed by the russians were publicly. ad kept michael flynn the acting attorney general the white house he only asked for his rep resignation hours after the "washington post" reported on general flynn's false statements about his russian communications. the president fired sally yates four days after she wanted a white house about connection was between general flynn and this ambassador.
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and then there was preet bharara, the president paid to trump tower to tell him he wanted to stay on as u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. the jurisdiction of course included trump tower. the president then in a sunday friday evening announcement on march 10th fired all of the united states attorneys including mr. preet bharara. he said he was blindsided. why? we don't know, but we do know he was well-known as a delegate and independent prosecutor. news reports indicate mr. preet bharara is investigating hhs secretary tom price for a interior set very -- trading. enemy fire director comey office in los angeles given us each to fbi agents.ot the director was told he thought initially that it was a joke.ct at the time he misfired,
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director comey had confirmed the fbi director investigation with1 the 2016 election and russian sanctions between the russians and individuals in the trunk campaigns administration. last night cnn reported federal prosecutors began a new phase of the russian investigation issuing grand jury subpoenas to michael flynn, seeking business. director comey is supposed to testify before the intelligence committee later this week and according to news reports, last week went to the justice department and requested more money and resources to devote to the russian investigation. sally yates, preet bharara, james comey led investigations that appear to be getting close to the president and his inner circle. all three fired by president coy trump. president trump's firing made history not since watergate that evening about over 20, 1973
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known affectionately as the saturday night massacre as the president dismissed the head ofn the investigation into his own administration.tory, and it's 100 denier history, fir only one fbi there had beenl fired. fbi director william sessions was dismissed for serious ethical violation and the fbi at that time is some investigatingi the clinton administration.e' i've had my disagreements with director comey. i'm not exactly his greatestati. fan, but i didn't question his competence when it came to never called on him to be fired. there's so many questions that need to be answered. why was he fired now just as the fbi investigation of the russian interference in the presidential campaign reaching a criticalpoko point? a white house spokesperson sarah huxley's anders says the president has been considering e
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firing him since the day he tooo office. it has to direct the justice department to recommend hiring a director comey. the trump administration seen attorney general jeff sessions was charged with coming up the reason why the president should fire comey. he asked the justice department to review's comey's performancee and sarah huckabee sanders, deputy press secretary president acknowledged the president asket the justice department to put it in writing. by this attorney general sessions involved in this decision at all? remember, attorney general sessions was forced to recuse himself from the investigationhi of russian collusion with the trump administration because of his close connections with the trump campaign that communication cnn himself hadade with mr. kislyak and other russian officials.
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when they made the decision to fire director comey, was the white house aware he had reportedly chastised the justice department for more resources t for adequate investigation and perhaps the most important question of all, when willo republicans in congress agreed to support a special prosecutor and an independent commission to get to the bottom of collusion in our last presidential d election. september 8, 2016 as the date to live in fiber and for me. is that election that the russian set out to change the results. the first time we've seen an offer to do this and many on the other side of the aisle take a whole lot of attitude just another example of kids being kids.s i don't excel. one of our major adversaries in the world decides to impact thea choice of leader of the free b world coming night they should stand up and fight back.
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this is all happening less than one week after a hacking attack another democratic election in france and all signs point akin to rush as perpetrators. russia's acting with impunity in part due to the administration's refusal to russia's responsibresponsib ility for inactive cyberwar in america and to respond to take actions here in congress. resident trump is shaking hands with russians and the kremlin is gleefully tweeting pictures around the world. the president kept out the american price, but it turns out the russians got the photos they needed to send around the world. the american people need answers about what's going on here. when will the republican janice in a bipartisan effort to have an honest in this edition to follow the facts, the evidence wherever it may lead and hold those accountable who may have
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been guilty of collusion trying, to impact the outcome of an election. if you read the memo that has been prepared by deputy attorney general rosenstein -- rosenstein, it focuses almost cn exclusively on comey street nicola clayton in the last presidential campaign. i prejudice to think some 10 months after the fact that the trump administration take such pity on the treatment of hillary clinton and they couldn't wait to fire the director of the fbi. that's a so-called good reason they're getting this. but there's a real reason. since james comey was engaged in investigation of the russian collusion in the last election, he's looking at members of the trump administrationnce, a specifically general flynn and the circumstance and is also looking at whether any other individuals involved in the trump campaign are not engaged
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in this activity. he clearly needs more resources than what you get to the bottom of it. for that, he was fired last night. the question obviously is what happens next. o the american people sit still for this? will they accept this kind of effort to close down an investigation that might head to the president's white house? if they are willing to step back and let that happen, we have surrendered an important print e book. in 1973, president nick said and try to make it clear he could not be held accountable to the rule of law when it came to the watergate break-in and coverup. he fired archibald cox. others resign because of the firing of the president sentiment across america so strong against president nixont for trying to intervene in this legal process that ultimately paid a heavy price for his any conduct.esiden i don't know whether there's any the president trump in this collusion.
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i'm not going to assume that.bu they shouldn't. in fairness there should be a credible investigation by professionals. shutting down the investigation with the fbi at this point closes the door of gaining information -- valuable information so that we anders and who was involved in the effort to undermine the american presidential election. i'm not sitting here and defend a james comey is a person. i do stand as director of the fbi who believed that our intelligence agencies believed that this was a credible threat to the democracy of the united states and deserved a professional prosecutor's investigation. for that reason, comey in this effort should continue to have been dismissed, let's at least hope that mr. rosenstein will stand up for the integrity of the department of justice and do two things. first, give a public assurance that the investigation of russian collusion in our last presidential election will
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continue and that the time in the department of justice career official who will be in charge of it until a new director of the fbi found in second, mr. rosenstein as well as senator sessions should be party to choosing a special dem prosecutor. let us choose someone from outside government without ary party label who has demonstrated the expertise necessary to prosecute such challenging situations as this. but then in charge, let them investigate or let the facts lead us to a conclusion to try to stop the short-circuit by dismissing mr. comey as ineffective in terms of serving justice and sadly a sad reflection on american ideals and values. vista president, i yield the floor.
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>> in the mall may come alive to the floor of the u.s. senate. procedural votes that are 11:00 eastern on the nomination of robert mike hauser to be a straight representative and to try again to repeal an obama administration environmental
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regulation limiting methane gas emissions and tens to go about that failed yesterday after the republicans and all democrats voted against it. live now to the floor of the u.s. senate here in c-span2. the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. today's opening prayer will be offered by reverend bruce scott, assistant pastor at pentecostals of south lake from merriville, indiana. the guest chaplain: precious lord, creator of the heavens and the earth and all that dwells therein. we honor you from a grateful heart, knowing all of our blessings that we enjoy every day come from you. heavenly father. as the senators assemble in this


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